Latin Practicum

Join Us One Day Early
June 20, 1:00pm to 9:00pm
With Tim Griffith and Karen Moore

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Join Karen Moore and Tim Griffith for this year’s Latin practicum. Learn methods and strategies, new and old, for inspiring all of your students—not just the language lovers!

Learn how:
  • Latin contributes to a broader education, and how to communicate its importance to others.
  • to develop and/or cooperate within an effective Latin program in a K-12 school setting.
  • to teach Latin more effectively and to a wider audience, using a broad array of techniques.
  • The Backbone of an Education: Why Latin Again? (KM + TG)
  • The Middle Road: Grammar, Composition, Speaking, and Listening (TG)
  • A View of the Summit: Reading for Comprehension (KM)
  • Basecamp: Beyond Chants (TG)
  • Respite During the Ascent: Games, Activities, and Supplements (KM)
  • Further up, Further in: Continuing Education (TG + KM)

Latin Practicum Details

We hope to see you there! Contact us if you have further questions.