Gathering FAQ

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How do I get help?
Contact us for help with questions, technical issues, or changes. Don’t want to register? We can set up the meeting for you. (Keep in mind you will not be able to make changes to your meeting unless you register yourself.)

What can I do after I register/login?
Once logged in, you can create gatherings, view names and emails of attendees, change your gathering, add information, and cancel if necessary.

Can I collect RSVPs?
Yes. At the bottom of the “Add Event” form, be sure to click “Enable Replies and Set Gathering Size” under “Enable RSVPs” if you want to collect names and emails of those attending your event. If you do not want to enable RSVPs, people can still view your gathering but cannot reply.

Where can I have my gathering? ( See Map)
You can have your gathering anywhere! When you set up your meeting, you can choose a location. If you don’t want to use a suggested location, select “See Gathering Details” and specify the location in your Gathering description.

Note: ALL locations for Gatherings are unscheduled and unsupervised. Please be prepared to share these spaces. They are listed here for your convenience. If an area is full, your group might have to move to a new location.

  • Conference Center: Rockhill Room (unscheduled open meeting space)
  • Conference Center: Winchester Room (unscheduled open meeting space)
  • Conference Center: Foyer (soft seating and tables)
  • Conference Center: Vendor Hall – Back
  • Conference Center: Vendor Hall – Center (small)
  • Hotel: Lobby
  • Hotel: Atrium
  • Hotel: Caffeinas Internet Cafe (coffee shop)
  • Hotel: Cyprus Grille (restaurant)
  • Off Campus: See Gathering Details
  • See Gathering Details

Where can I see my event?
Once a gathering is approved, it is listed on the See All Gatherings page. You can view and edit your events by logging in, and then going to My Events.

Can I contact the people attending my event?
If you clicked “Enable RSVPs” at the bottom of the “Add Event” form, you can view and contact attendees by logging in, and then going to My Events. Click on “Bookings.” All attendees are listed here. Click on the attendee NAME –OR– click “Edit/View” (to the far right in the list) to see the email address.

Note: If you’ve already created your gathering, but did not enable RSVPs, you can enable it by logging in and updating your event.