2018 Schedule

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Thursday Morning, June 21
Welcome & Opening (Frisco 2)
John MacArthur – Plenary: Reformation from the Roots Up (Frisco 2)
Classical Pre-K and Kindergarten: What Sets Us Apart? (Frisco 8)
Hands-On Science in the Grammar School: Core Practices (Frisco 1)
The Nature and Vision of Classical Christian Education (Frisco 2)
Teaching Latin That Good Old Way in the Twenty-First Century (Sea Biscuit)
Red-Haired StepChild: Modern Literature in the Classical School (Frisco 7)
Testing Strategies for the Upper Rhetoric Phase (Frisco 9)
Reflecting on Matthew’s Use of the Old Testament (Bass-Bush)
Matt Whitling-Track Plenary: Boys and Classical Education (Frisco 3-4-5)
Students Struggling to Learn and Schools Struggling to Know What to Do (Frisco 1)
Part I: Strengthening Your Grammar School through Drama, Poetry (Frisco 8)
The Paideia of God (Frisco 2)
Mathematics among the Liberal Arts (Frisco 9)
Four Houses, One Community (Bass-Bush)
Cultivating Exceptional Faculty: Flourishing through Formative Evaluations (Frisco 7)
Assessing for Virtue (Sea Biscuit)
Joseph Clair-Track Plenary: The Lost Purpose of Learning: St. Augustine and the Soul of Education (Frisco 3-4-5)

Thursday Afternoon, June 21
Lunch and Vendor Time
Lunch Meeting for Heads of ACCS-Accredited Schools (Bass-Bush Room)
Announcements and Introduction (Frisco 2)
George Grant – Plenary: Lifetime Learning: Following in the Footsteps of Isaac Watts (Frisco 2)
Part II: Strengthening Your Grammar School through Drama, Poetry (Frisco 8)
Feminine Faithfulness in the Christian School (Sea Biscuit)
Beauty Matters: Creating a High Aesthetic in School Culture (Frisco 2)
Upper School Electives: Navigating between Scylla and Charybdis (Bass-Bush)
Hiding God’s Word in Their Heart (Karen Moore)
Learning to Read at a Higher Level through Logic and Rhetoric (Frisco 1)
Teach Them Diligently What They Are Learning (Frisco 7)
Keith McCurdy-Track Plenary: Raising Sturdy Children (Frisco 3-4-5)
Meet Peers for Kindergarten & First Grade Teachers (Frisco 7)
Meet Peers for Second & Third Grade Teachers (Frisco 8)
Meet Peers for Fourth & Fifth Grade Teachers (Sea Biscuit)
Meet Peers for Sixth Grade Teachers (Bass-Bush)
Re-Narrating your Biology Curriculum (Frisco 9)
Assessing Teachers, Assessing Ourselves (Frisco 1)
Music: Giving Shape to the School Day and Students’ Hearts (Frisco 3-4-5)
Louis Markos-Track Plenary: What Can Classical Christian Educators Learn from Narnia? (Frisco 2)

Thursday Evening, June 21
(Frisco 2) 90 Minutes to Promote Your School!: We’ve created 3 talks you can use to promote classical Christian education. You’re invited to be our audience! Brooke Hempell from Barna Research talks Gen-Z trends that point us to the need for classical Christian education. Davies Owens shows “Big E vs. Little E education” (a new version of his Q talk). And, Tom Velasco will speak on virtue in education. He’s the engaging speaker you probably have never heard of! And, see the finished version of Geronimo! Amen.

Friday Morning, June 22
Announcements & Introduction (Frisco 2)
Second Prize, 2018 Chrysostom Oratory Contest (Frisco 2)
Alistair Begg – Plenary (Frisco 2)
Memory in the Grammar Stage (Frisco 2)
From the Heart to the Mouth: Developing Discussion in the Secondary Classroom (Frisco 1)
From Standards to Structure: Building a Secondary Schedule (Frisco 8)
From Wonder to Wisdom: Natural Science in the Liberal Arts Tradition (Frisco 3-4-5)
Latin as the True Liberal Art (Bass-Bush)
Education Should Be Free (Frisco 7)
Everyone Can Sing: Recovering Music Literacy in Christian Education (Sea Biscuit)
George Grant-Track Plenary: Florilegium: A De-Digitized Guide to Journaling, Zibaldoning, and Common … (Frisco 9)
Meaningful Reading, Grades 3–6 (Frisco 7)
Covenant Discipline (Frisco 2)
Dostoevsky in the School of Logic (Sea Biscuit)
Charlotte Mason and the Trivium: A Lesson Plan Format for Training Students (Frisco 9)
The Importance of Critique in an Art Classroom (Bass-Bush)
Cultivating Joy: Analyzing and Improving School Culture (Frisco 3-4-5)
The Case for Classical Astronomy (Frisco 8)
Joseph Clair-Track Plenary: Education and the Order of Love (Frisco 1)

Friday Afternoon, June 22
Lunch and Vendor Time
ACCS Membership Meeting (Frisco 8)
Singing & Announcements (Frisco 2)
First Prize, 2018 Chrysostom Oratory Contest (Frisco 2)
Douglas Wilson – Plenary: Biblical Authority: Crisis and Challenge (Frisco 2)
Training Your Students’ Affections through Catechisms (Frisco 2)
Living Learning in the Grammar School Classroom (Frisco 8)
The Value of Debate in the Classical Christian School (Sea Biscuit)
All Things Vile and Vicious: Seeing God’s Glory in the Horrors of Nature (Frisco 7)
Hands-on Formative Assessment (Frisco 1)
The Formative Power of Educational Metaphors (Bass-Bush)
Redeeming the Senses: How to Start an Aesthetics Class in Your School (Frisco 9)
Grant Horner-Track Plenary: Socratic Socratics: How to Lead a Socratic Discussion (Frisco 3-4-5)
Meaningful Math for Everyone (Frisco 9)
Filling an Unforgiving Class Period with 50 Minutes Worth of Distance Run (Frisco 2)
A Vision for the Everyday Classroom (Frisco 1)
Math Practice: More than Bookwork and Worksheets (Frisco 8)
Cultivating Wonder: The Integration of Art and Science (Frisco 7)
Teach Your Logic Student to Fall in Love with the Bible (Sea Biscuit)
In Humane Gentleness: Integrating the Humanities through Shakespeare (Bass-Bush)
Louis Markos-Track Plenary: What Can Classical Christian Educators Learn from The Space Trilogy (Frisco 3-4-5)

Friday Evening, June 22

Saturday Morning, June 23
Grant Horner – Plenary: Footnotes from Italy: The End of Classical Christian Education (Frisco 2)
Announcements & School Accreditation Presentations (Frisco 2)
Matt Whitling – Plenary: Naming Disciplines (Frisco 2)
Vendor Time