Rhetoric Practicum – The Metaphor Contest

The ability to communicate through symbolism and metaphor is a skill of the greatest communicators. Our teachers strutted their metaphorical stuff at this year’s Rhetoric Practicum. (And they learned about how to teach rhetoric, too.)

— Practicums take place the day before the main conference, and are designed to address specific areas. 2017’s practicums and pre-conference sessions included the Rhetoric Practicum, Music Practicum, ISM, and Leaders Day.

Honorable Mentions:

Though his idea was passionate, it seemed incomplete–like a single quotation mark in search of its mate. –Natalie Breeden

Grading the work of rhetoric students is like fencing with barbed wire. It is tedious work often testing the thickness of our collective skins, yet carefully completed it keeps things in their proper place. –Paul Bischoff

He was a gray Camry of men: safe, predictable, hard to distinguish in a large parking lot. She was a MINI Cooper. –Michelle Lasch

The room was filled with more tension than an Auburn – Alabama football game. –Wendy Jowers

Working for man’s approval is like planting flowers in an unattended garden. –Tracy Morgan

The teacher accepted the new curriculum like a plate of moldy cheese and stale crackers. –Katherine Smith

She sang like a lark – that had served a life sentence in an industrial smokestack. –Christy Oliver

Runner Up:

Polar covalent bonds are the communists of chemistry, sharing electrons unequally. –Andrea McCabe

Grand Prize:

His excuse for being late was as lame as his toupee, patchy, inadequate, and not foolin’ anybody. –Amy Martin

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