Leaders Day

We welcomed special guest Scott Anderson, CEO of Desiring God to join us for Leaders Day, 2017.

Leaders Day is an annual part of the Repairing the Ruins conference, and is held the day before the main conference.

Leaders Day at a Glance

  • We assemble a list of speakers, panelists, and “short talks” to help schools grow in ways that maintain the integrity of the classical Christian vision.
  • Workshops focus on how to market and grow your school.
  • We direct schools to tools that will help them grow. And, we have speaker(s) who have experience growing healthy ministries that stay vision-focused.
  • For boardmembers, we focus on the strategy for good growth.
  • For heads of schools, we provide practical ideas for how to generate growth.
  • And, for administrators, we help you to communicate this point to every role within your school–customer focus and visional excellence can play nicely together.

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