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2018 Repairing the Ruins Conference – The national gathering of classical Christian educators

Conference at a glance

Classical educators convene together at Repairing the Ruins for purposes beyond talks (view complete list here). Here are a few examples of more we have in store this year.

Meetings and Events

Membership Meeting
On Friday at lunch, the ACCS holds its annual membership meeting to provide insight into the organization’s activities and to take input from members.
Accredited Schools Meeting
On Thursday at lunch, accredited schools gather to cover an agenda specifically targeted for ACCS accredited schools.
New schools are starting every year. Start-ups and small schools have growing pains. The Challenges of Small and Start-up Schools gathering on Wednesday evening allows these pioneers to make connections with each other to share common experiences and to meet those who can help bring resources to bear. Please join hosts Harold Naylor and Christy Ann Vaughan for conversation and encouragement.
Fellowship & Networking-Thursday
90 Minutes to Promote Your School!: We’ve created 3 talks you can use to promote classical Christian education. You’re invited to be our audience! Brooke Hempell from Barna Research talks Gen-Z trends that point us to the need for classical Christian education. Davies Owens shows “Big E vs. Little E education” (a new version of his Q talk). And, Tom Velasco will speak on virtue in education. He’s the engaging speaker you probably have never heard of! And, see the finished version of Geronimo! Amen.
Fellowship & Networking-Friday
ACCS National Honor Choir: Join us Friday evening for the inaugural performance! Come and enjoy this by-audition presentation by CCE students from around the country.


Specific talks and panels on leadership at classical Christian schools.
These are activity-based in-depth training for teachers. They occur on the Wednesday just prior to the main conference.
A multi-part structured training track for new and developing CCE teachers. This targeted track occurs during the main conference and is useful for teacher certification.


These ‘keynote’ type talks encourage and challenge all of us. Speakers from outside our movement help us see new perspectives. Leaders inside the movement challenge us with new ideas, born in the classical Christian model.
This year, we have more talks than ever. Through surveys, we work hard to find relevant, actionable 50-minute talks of particular interest to teachers, administrators, and staff at classical Christian schools. We also have some talks that are just intended to play with ideas.
Time during one workshop session (Thursday, 4:15-5:15) has been set aside for teachers to meet with their grade-level peers from around the country.

Other Activities

We have around 80 vendor booths with products and services valued by classical Christian educators.
Repairing the Ruins is the time to meet with groups interested in classical Christian education. For example, we use this opportunity to bring key groups together by invitation to broaden the reach of classical Christian education. What meeting can you sponsor? What dinner can you arrange? You can post meeting times on the Gatherings board.
We have set aside space near the registration desk and in specific rooms for attendees to sit, enjoy coffee, and talk about whatever. These opportunities are the highlight of the conference for many. After hours, there are many great opportunities in the area.


Over 50 speakers are delivering inspiration and instruction at this year’s conference. Choose from approximately 8 speakers and workshops during each of four daily sessions, plus plenary sessions, student speeches, and other gatherings created by fellow conference attendees.
Plenary Speakers

As the seasons change and we look forward to summer, the ACCS is at work on Repairing the Ruins 2018. Our goal is to unite the classical Christian movement and bring new insight, encouragement, and core training to those involved in classical Christian schools.

Useful-LineIcons_Outlined-15_x32 Conference Schedule
Workshop Synopses (PDF)
Leaders Day and Practicums

Whether you are an ACCS member school, a homeschool, a classical educator, or a parent, RTR provides a wide array of connections, workshops, outside speakers, vendors, fellowship, and specialized training.

Thank you to our sponsors!

For the 2018 conference, we’ll be in Frisco, Texas — just north of Dallas. It’s easy to access from either Love Field or DFW. This area is relatively new with a sizable and comfortable convention center. The nearby sports attractions are impressive! Our primary hotel is Embassy Suites, but there are several adjacent properties that provide a selection of price and comfort. We are continuing to innovate at the conference with plans to facilitate more online collaboration in the coming months. If you want more information about the conference, see our 2018 Preview and check out our 2017 recap. We’ve posted some of last year’s talks to give you an impression of our annual conference.

Be Encouraged. Be Challenged.

His Truth Endures to All Generations
Repairing the Ruins
June 20 – 23

Register for Repairing the Ruins 2018